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Any input would be deeply appreciated.

So guys, I really, really, really want to do some sort of w-inds. fic exchange. I know that there is not enough of a fandom left for such a thing though, but perhaps my perception of the fandom size is wrong..? Maybe there's enough lurkers and people with nostalgic leanings towards the boys that I could round up even a half dozen or so people? I just really miss writing stories, but I realized the other day that, when it comes to pleasure writing, I can only really do it for people.

Anyway, if any of you have any sorts of experiences organizing any sort of fandom event for a tiny fandom, please let me know? I really want to give this a shot, but, to be honest, I don't know how to even begin. x.x Any advice at all would be much appreciated!

Hell, I'll even make this public. XD
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Master Cylinder, of course. Does anybody know the reference?

My favorite non-fictional robot is Mr. Roboto. I say non-fictional as I remained convinced all throughout my childhood that I actually was Mr. Roboto. This is why I am able to sing the song with such conviction at karaoke.

Wow, this icon looks absolutely nothing like me.

I also like Starmen, except the ones that don't drop the goddamn Sword of Kings. Damn it.
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So I finally did something I'd been meaning to do for a while and archived some of my old writings in one central location. By "old writings," I mean a handful of drabbles and the 20,000+(!!!!) words of to dance I'd been able to squeeze out before the well dried up. For the record, they're at [ profile] cantgetback, so feel free to take note of that if you ever feel like reading very juvenile, unfinished KeiRyo stuff.

I made the same mistake I always do when I look at my old stuff, though, and I read parts of to dance while backing it up. AUGHHHH. It makes my heart burn. I can see now that it's a pretty terribly written story (this is not to say that I could do any better now, though) and that I wrote it with far too heavy a hand, but... I still love that stupid story. I admit there's still a part of me that thinks maybe if I can find my old outline... AUGH. I think the main problem is that, years into this dying fandom, I still love KeiRyo so much. It's almost a physical ache sometimes, as stupid as that sounds. I don't think I've ever loved a pairing as much as I love KeiRyo, and if you were around for my old Sakura/Hyde thing, you know that's saying an awful lot.

NOT THAT I CAN EXPLAIN WHY OR ANYTHING, BECAUSE THERE'S REALLY NO REASON TO BE SO OBSESSED WITH KEIRYO. They rarely interact anymore, there's very little public knowledge known about them, and most of their past has been forgotten with the passing of time. But I don't care. They're still my boys, and I still love them, and they still sit next to each other on the bullet train DSFSD WHY DO I CARE, SERIOUSLY.


::waits for another handful of people to defriend her this time:: 8D
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If this is just him using a metaphor for the truth and not just making a fun post, then Ryohei really is sick again, WHICH EXPLAINS WHY HE SEEMED SO WEAK AND TIRED YESTERDAY. My poor baby boy! Please eat banana cream pies!

::gets lost in her fantasy world where Keita let him fall asleep on his shoulder on the ride home last night::


In other news, I am also sick, so I am going to pretend I am sick with Ryohei's illness, if that's all right. I wanted to leave work early today but I cannot afford to keep missing days, especially Thursdays... even though, if I get tickets to the Best Hits Kayousai in a few weeks, I'll have to take another Thursday off. I don't even know who's performing, I'm just amazed that it's in Osaka! I never knew!

I was very productive today. But now I'm tired. Hopefully sleep cures this.


Nov. 4th, 2008 01:39 pm
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I just want to say this before it comes up later.

I didn't vote in this election.

I had the world's hardest time trying to get an absentee ballot, since everybody told me entirely different things and I had no idea how to do it. A lot of places were trying to register me to vote and wouldn't understand that I was already registered, I just needed a ballot, and things were nuts at home so I couldn't ask my family for help.

Anyway, I live in NY, so I was gonna be just adding another tally on Obama's sweep there (I hope!) but every single post on my flist urging me to vote is making me feel guilty and nervous, SO HERE YOU GO.
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Happy birthday, baby. ♥
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I met Ryuichi Ogata twice in one week.

Twice in the span of four days.

And by met, I don't mean "was in the same room as him." I mean "had meaningful interactions with him."

This is nuts, and I am so blessed and so, so happy. I am absolutely living my dream life at the moment, and the only one, single solitary thing that could make it better would be if [ profile] onmyownroad was here to share it with me.

Details under the cut! )

Ryuichi is the best. w-inds. is the best. This is the best fandom in the entire world and I don't care what anybody says.


One love. Ahhhhhhghsfdsf I am glad tomorrow is a holiday.

Thank you for wonderful memories, Ryuichi. RYOHEI, KEITA, YOU'RE NEXT.
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I've had the worst luck with everything in the world lately, but today was, honest to God, the best day of my life.

Thank you, Ryuichi. )
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I met Ryuichi Ogata.

He is sweet, beautiful, charming, and his hands are warm.

Holy shit.
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I just won this in a contest! :D :D :D

I'm so excited. Nothing in the world makes me happier than pandas, except maybe (wait for it!) Ryohei Chiba. Maybe.

I need a panda icon. Why do I have to leave for work soon?

Panda panda panda.


Sep. 24th, 2008 12:29 pm
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YAY CLAY! Good on you!

::hopes Kinokuniya has it!::


Sep. 23rd, 2008 10:48 pm
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w-inds. played two new songs at their last live of the tour today, AND played a bunch of stuff I've been dying to hear live. (IT'S IN THE STARS! PARADOX!)

dsfjdsfdsfd so jealous. I wish I had gone!

At least the big surprise wasn't BREAKING UP SRYZ like I'd feared!

I will go back in time and go!


Sep. 18th, 2008 11:26 pm
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Tonight's dinner was a homemade black bean burger (loaded with onion and green pepper and carrots!) on toast.

I just realized I totally forgot to use bread crumbs (I was tired, okay?!) but they still turned out really great. This comes recommended!

I really enjoy cooking. I just wish ingredients didn't cost money. x.x I really need to add more vegetables to my diet. Back home, I was eating more than the recommended amount each day, and I felt really great. Here I barely get any. I don't trust the produce at my closest stores, since most of it is pretty much at its sell-by date anyway. If I go to Namba school tomorrow, though, I plan on running by the nicer supermarket to stock up. If the typhoon doesn't come.

I gotta say, though, nothing feels as good as coming home from work, cooking up something really healthy and yummy, and chowing down to your flatmate's DVDs of the Simpsons. :D

Except perhaps the love of Ryohei Chiba.


[edit] My GOD, guys, new torrent speed record on the latest episode of PR: 7.5 megs/second. WHAT.


Sep. 12th, 2008 10:59 pm
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I live.

I have been going crazy since moving on Monday. Between trying to get my stuff straightened out (and failing miserably, as I need more clothes hangers and keep forgetting to pick them up) and cleaning and doing laundry and buying things and working and everything else, I've barely had time to rest, let alone pick up the computer and clickedly-click.

I hope things are going well.

The new place is wonderful. I did see a roach in the doorway yesterday, but it was a "flew in from the outside" type, which is slightly more tolerable to me than the "part of the infrastructure" type. The kitchen is great and I've been trying to cook more, but I fail at cooking after work, since I'm tired and the appeal of convenience store chicken is too much to resist.

The one thing I've been doing for relaxation is watching Project Runway at night, since I have fast enough Internet to handle torrents now.

Today at work, this happened:
Staff member at school I'm not entirely fond of: *asks me a question in Japanese*
Me: *answers in Japanese*
Staff member: ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!
Me: O_O!!!

Why ask me in Japanese if you want the answer in English?! At least my students today were awesome.

I think I am getting sick. My mouth is dry, my sinuses are dry, my skin is gross, and my right ear is losing hearing. I'm constantly tired and spaced out.

Because of address problems, I wasn't able to register for the JLPT on time. At least it sounds like they're gonna start giving 1/2kyuu in July as well now.

Today is pay day, but I'm still broke. Starting next pay day, I start getting a bit more money (company loan paid off, yaaay) so I plan on spending about A BILLION DOLLARS at Uniqlo, aka MY FAVORITE STORE. I never thought I'd ever find clothes that I would recognize as instinctively my style, but there they are. There's a nice one about two minutes away from here too, which proves to me that MOVING HERE WAS VERY SMART.

I wrote a bit more but Firefox had an error and had to close, and that was all LJ saved. I'm so out of it that I don't remember what else I wrote, which I guess means it's time for me to curl up with Runway until I snooze.

That was sure exciting.


Sep. 8th, 2008 11:33 pm
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So today, in a fit of absolute craziness, I moved.


The negatives!

-the cleaning lady left the bathroom windows open, so there are gnats in the bathrooms :(
-nothing else

The positives!
+everything else

I woke up at 6am today to pack, amongst other things. I moved all my crap here at 2. I took the most heavenly shower in the world. I mean, my God, it could not get better than it was, gnats notwithstanding. I decided to walk to work today. The neighborhood is seriously not bad at all -- actually, I might like it better than Daikokucho, which is a relief. There is a Uniqlo and that is all I need. I got to work at 4:30, had Web Kids training and then 7 web lessons in a row.

I got home about 20 minutes ago.

I am pooped. Yet, I want to stay awake a bit longer. Maybe I'll be social. Maybe I'll go upstairs. WHO KNOWS. The world is currently my oyster.

All I know is that I have a gym and a hot tub at my disposal now.

And flat rate utilities.

The room is about as big as my old dorm room, which is seriously at least twice the size of my last apartment's room. In fact, it's probably a bit bigger than that.

All I know is that it is NOT MY OLD APARTMENT YAYAYAY.

I need to use the toilets but I don't wanna deal with gnats. Go away, gnats!
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So today, upon coming home, I saw a huge roach outside on my door.

This scared the shit out of me, so I ran down the stairs and proceeded to whine to myself. Why, why, why this crap, why ALWAYS this crap?!

Two boys around my age came into the building, so I pulled up my guts and started talking.

"Excuse me," I said. "But I live on the second floor, and there's a huge roach outside my door. Will you help me?"

Without even blinking an eye, they agreed, and came up to help kill the roach. And then they left after a few thank yous and no problems, the deed done entirely out of what appears to have been a desire to help a frantic foreign girl in need.

I want to get out of this hell hole now, but at least my fellow tenants have all been nice to me.
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So, my body's entire logical flow has been destroyed lately (by... me...) so I came home from today's Personnel Workshop and proceeded to fall deeply asleep. I woke up about 20 minutes ago to use the bathroom and was about to head back to sleep when I noticed




dfsjdsjfs I was really, scarily calm, found my spray and shot the fucker, but WHY. Not my bed. Anywhere but my bed.

Someone should show/write/whatever something KeiRyo for me to make me feel better. (And to give me the guts to move the body... fjsdjsfsfs.)
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...moving out.

I put in my month's notice.

I'm kinda, sorta excited, guys. :D
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So, TODAY I must make a decision!

Do I:

a) take the fabulous, amazing apartment in the crappy neighborhood that all of my Japanese friends are absolutely terrified of? This will make me poor for about two months, but I will enjoy my home a lot more, although not the commute back to it.


b) stay in this apartment that I hate while saving up money and looking for another place elsewhere, fight off the bugs, but have money to spend on doing things I want to do, like buy new clothes, get a haircut, potentially travel to the other side of the country for a few days, etc.


I have seriously been anguishing over this for weeks now. I went to visit the neighborhood again the other day and it didn't seem SO awful. I wanna try again today. My quality of life would improve within my home (I seriously hate this building), but I'd not be able to afford to do a lot of other things I wanted to do while I paid off my rent (for both this apartment and that one) and deposit. D:

Although I'm getting desperate for a haircut, so I might just make myself poor and get one anyway.


In other news, the prospect of this makes me SO HAPPY.


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