Mar. 12th, 2010 12:30 am
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Okay, so I know that this will come as no surprise to any of you, but.. I am so seriously impressed by the new w-inds. album, guys. Like, yeah, I know, I love w-inds. so of course I'm going to say that... except I didn't like Seventh Ave or Journey at first, actually wrote a scathing review of the former when it was released, and generally feel kinda tense and defensive when listening to new w-inds. music, as there's usually a period of adjustment to the new additions to their musical catalog for me.

But this album is different. This album is absolutely amazing.

It's such a great, solid record. I want to recommend it to people who don't give a shit about w-inds. If you like electronics-inspired pop and dance music, I want to recommend it to you. It's such a strong album. For me the ONLY weak point is the last song, but that's only because I am so sick of hearing Everyday that I cannot be objective regarding it. I've heard it live... twelve times? Maybe more and I'm forgetting. Anyway, I'm done with Everyday, but it's not a bad song and the album is so phenomenal that I've been on a high since I first listened to it.

Songs aren't thrown on in a random order. It makes sense. It sounds so good. Everything flows. I love it. I want everyone to love this album. FIVE THOUSAND STARS, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Ryuichi again, as he's doing a talk event in Osaka and I have a ticket. Tomorrow is also pay day. I also took the day off. Thank god for tomorrow! ...well, today, I guess. XD
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Yesterday, I had really horrible food poisoning or SOMETHING and had to stay home, as the idea of being more than ten feet away from a toilet at all times was too scary. This also meant that I didn't eat squat yesterday, but that's fine. At night, it ended up turning into an acid reflux attack for no apparent good reason... and then I got my period! WHAT A NIGHT. However, I woke up today feeling good, except for a cramp, and immediately made two pieces of bland toast and had a carton of vegetable juice. I took my favorite Japanese period medicine, put on a heat pad, and am hoping to get through my work day unhindered.

Then 10-4 tomorrow, home around 5, and hopefully will PASS OUT UNTIL TUESDAY. (Or Monday, since there may be yummy eatings going on...)

SO. Japanese friend claims he saw a page on Vision Factory's website announcing w-inds.' new album, on 3/10 like the rumor has suggested, entitled ANOTHER WORLD. He can no longer find the page, but he's a pretty reputable source, not into rumor spreading, so I'm willing to take it as someone jumping the gun on an announcement and having to pull the page. Hence I think it's true, and if so, I'm so excited. 8D I miss my boys so much, you have no idea.

...I miss them so much that, in a fit of concert withdrawal, I... bought tickets to see WaT on Valentine's Day. -______-



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