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Ash and I are fine. Kansai is far from the chaos. We're trying to take care of any fans who came to Japan for the 314 concert, so if anybody knows about anyone we haven't already found, please let us know.
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Okay, this is a long shot, but has ANYBODY reading this played/beat Mother 3? Because I NEED to talk about it but I'm so late to the party that I am sure the general fandom has already moved on.

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Okay, so nobody actually reads w-inds. fic anymore, especially unfinished w-inds. fic, especially crap posted here, I know that, but while playing my favorite game (Let's Read Old LJ Entries for Shits and Giggles) I found a scrapped opening of to dance chapter two that I actually like a lot better than the one I eventually chose.

I cannot resist posting it here, so please excuse me.

Just a few paragraphs of very chibi KeiRyo, oh God, I am never getting over this. )

And oh God, I just found another thing, please indulge me a little.

Drabble. )

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Yesterday I went to Tokyo, saw MTV LIVE, took the night bus back... and I have to get ready to work in ten minutes. I'm so tired! FML XD

Just so I don't forget, setlists:

w-inds.: New World, RE:VISION (!!!), Can't Get Back, Addicted to Love (♥)

BIGBANG: GARAGARA GO, Number One, Tell Me Goodbye, How Gee, HANDS UP, Koe wo Kikasete, My Heaven... I think that's all. x.x;;

I don't know enough about Jay'ed or VANNESS to have their setlists. XD

But goddamn, I love BIGBANG, but... w-inds.! My boys! I really love them so much. I hit for good seats, so we were row 14, on the left side, right on the aisle, so when the boys came and danced on the left stage, we were right there, and asjddjsada I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I SPENT THE WHOLE TIME FLAILING IN VARIOUS STATES OF 'ABOUT TO CRY OMG'. AHHHHHH.

I never use LJ anymore, sorry about that.
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Ash and I totally met Mio Tachibana today.


(She's actually gorgeous! Who knew?! AND NOT TO MENTION YUTA, OMG... ::SHUTS UP::)


Mar. 12th, 2010 12:30 am
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Okay, so I know that this will come as no surprise to any of you, but.. I am so seriously impressed by the new w-inds. album, guys. Like, yeah, I know, I love w-inds. so of course I'm going to say that... except I didn't like Seventh Ave or Journey at first, actually wrote a scathing review of the former when it was released, and generally feel kinda tense and defensive when listening to new w-inds. music, as there's usually a period of adjustment to the new additions to their musical catalog for me.

But this album is different. This album is absolutely amazing.

It's such a great, solid record. I want to recommend it to people who don't give a shit about w-inds. If you like electronics-inspired pop and dance music, I want to recommend it to you. It's such a strong album. For me the ONLY weak point is the last song, but that's only because I am so sick of hearing Everyday that I cannot be objective regarding it. I've heard it live... twelve times? Maybe more and I'm forgetting. Anyway, I'm done with Everyday, but it's not a bad song and the album is so phenomenal that I've been on a high since I first listened to it.

Songs aren't thrown on in a random order. It makes sense. It sounds so good. Everything flows. I love it. I want everyone to love this album. FIVE THOUSAND STARS, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Ryuichi again, as he's doing a talk event in Osaka and I have a ticket. Tomorrow is also pay day. I also took the day off. Thank god for tomorrow! ...well, today, I guess. XD
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I'm frankly surprised they'd held on so long since Kyohei left five (?!?!) years ago, but FLAME has officially disbanded as of today.

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I finally found the setlist for the concert Ash and I went to see, so I am posting it here mainly so we don't forget and so I can try to write a proper live report sometime. (Not likely.) Please feel free to ignore.

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So today, Ash and I scrapped our WaT tickets and went all the way to Kobe to see if we could score day-of-concert-sales tickets for BIGBANG.

And we did.




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I desperately want to write a fic, have it planned out in my mind, etc., but I really need more information on Jaejoong and JaeHo for it to work. I always assumed the Internet would be full of pimp posts and essays regarding either topic, but all I can find is weird fangirl blather, which doesn't help. Surely somebody has written a pairing manifesto or something? If you could help assist my terrible search skills, I would be so grateful, you have no idea.

Now to continue to wait for pizza, nomnom.

omg XD

Jan. 24th, 2010 05:32 pm
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Apparently a lot of DBSK fans hate Keita now because of his friendship with Jae. XD

I've always been a very passive fan of DBSK, but is this an example of the legendary JaeHo obsession the slash-loving part of the fandom has a reputation for? Is it an example of the "THERE IS NO WAY JJ IS ANYTHING BUT STRAIGHT" battles I always see when I peek on [ profile] dbsg in search for hot pictures? Is it prejudice against charmingly crooked noses and large, muscular arms?

...I don't know, but it makes me want to write epic JaeKei EVEN MORE. XD
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I had food poisoning the other day, as I mentioned in my last entry. I told two of my adult students about it today -- one a nurse, the other a middle-aged man I usually get on well with -- and he said, completely seriously, "well, at least it could help you start a diet and lose some weight!"

I ditched 'the customer is always right' and told him I completely disagreed with what he said, because you should never say something like that to someone, even as a joke (but he wasn't joking), but...

Ri rants about weight loss culture, the pressure to diet, the beauty ideal, and more. You've been warned. )
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Yesterday, I had really horrible food poisoning or SOMETHING and had to stay home, as the idea of being more than ten feet away from a toilet at all times was too scary. This also meant that I didn't eat squat yesterday, but that's fine. At night, it ended up turning into an acid reflux attack for no apparent good reason... and then I got my period! WHAT A NIGHT. However, I woke up today feeling good, except for a cramp, and immediately made two pieces of bland toast and had a carton of vegetable juice. I took my favorite Japanese period medicine, put on a heat pad, and am hoping to get through my work day unhindered.

Then 10-4 tomorrow, home around 5, and hopefully will PASS OUT UNTIL TUESDAY. (Or Monday, since there may be yummy eatings going on...)

SO. Japanese friend claims he saw a page on Vision Factory's website announcing w-inds.' new album, on 3/10 like the rumor has suggested, entitled ANOTHER WORLD. He can no longer find the page, but he's a pretty reputable source, not into rumor spreading, so I'm willing to take it as someone jumping the gun on an announcement and having to pull the page. Hence I think it's true, and if so, I'm so excited. 8D I miss my boys so much, you have no idea.

...I miss them so much that, in a fit of concert withdrawal, I... bought tickets to see WaT on Valentine's Day. -______-

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I am once again posting from my Wii, as I have no idea when I will have an operating computer again.

This sucks because, for the first time in ages, I actually have a bit of a writing bug. I want to research. I want to write. WHAT I want to write is a bit embarrassing, but still, the urge is strong but I can't even scribble stories in notebooks for the time being because I don't know nearly enough about Jae to write JaeKei, oh God, why, whywhywhy.

(That said, if anyone wants to write me a primer, I would be much indebted.... :D :D :D)

What else. I have been magnificently poor lately, which means cooking every meal at home with limited ingredients and not going anywhere that isn't necessary for work. This cycle will end in two days, as that is when the glorious payday occurs, but I've gotten kinda used to eating exclusively at home and not going to Tennoji just to waste time every day. I think it's nice to eat out sometimes -- and I definitely need food ASAP after my killer Saturday shifts -- but I don't think I'll be going back to my old pattern of eating out every single day. Hopefully.

So in a week and a day I have an important job interview. That's all I want to say about it for now, but please wish me luck! I actually am going back to Tokyo for the interview, which is a good thing because Tokyo has VITAMIN WATER and hence I will be bringing the world's heaviest backpack home with me. XD

In other news, how is everyone?
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She's the tooth!
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