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Yesterday I went to Tokyo, saw MTV LIVE, took the night bus back... and I have to get ready to work in ten minutes. I'm so tired! FML XD

Just so I don't forget, setlists:

w-inds.: New World, RE:VISION (!!!), Can't Get Back, Addicted to Love (♥)

BIGBANG: GARAGARA GO, Number One, Tell Me Goodbye, How Gee, HANDS UP, Koe wo Kikasete, My Heaven... I think that's all. x.x;;

I don't know enough about Jay'ed or VANNESS to have their setlists. XD

But goddamn, I love BIGBANG, but... w-inds.! My boys! I really love them so much. I hit for good seats, so we were row 14, on the left side, right on the aisle, so when the boys came and danced on the left stage, we were right there, and asjddjsada I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I SPENT THE WHOLE TIME FLAILING IN VARIOUS STATES OF 'ABOUT TO CRY OMG'. AHHHHHH.

I never use LJ anymore, sorry about that.


Mar. 12th, 2010 12:30 am
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Okay, so I know that this will come as no surprise to any of you, but.. I am so seriously impressed by the new w-inds. album, guys. Like, yeah, I know, I love w-inds. so of course I'm going to say that... except I didn't like Seventh Ave or Journey at first, actually wrote a scathing review of the former when it was released, and generally feel kinda tense and defensive when listening to new w-inds. music, as there's usually a period of adjustment to the new additions to their musical catalog for me.

But this album is different. This album is absolutely amazing.

It's such a great, solid record. I want to recommend it to people who don't give a shit about w-inds. If you like electronics-inspired pop and dance music, I want to recommend it to you. It's such a strong album. For me the ONLY weak point is the last song, but that's only because I am so sick of hearing Everyday that I cannot be objective regarding it. I've heard it live... twelve times? Maybe more and I'm forgetting. Anyway, I'm done with Everyday, but it's not a bad song and the album is so phenomenal that I've been on a high since I first listened to it.

Songs aren't thrown on in a random order. It makes sense. It sounds so good. Everything flows. I love it. I want everyone to love this album. FIVE THOUSAND STARS, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Ryuichi again, as he's doing a talk event in Osaka and I have a ticket. Tomorrow is also pay day. I also took the day off. Thank god for tomorrow! ...well, today, I guess. XD


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