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I was going to sit down and write a long entry about boobs, but I just worked out and all my brain is capable of doing is making a horrid buzzing sound while quietly counting down the minutes until I feel energized enough to take a shower, so that's going to have to wait until later. The gist of the entry was going to be "boobs! who wants mine?", so it's not like you're missing out on a work of massive import or anything.

Boobs. Who wants mine?

I worked out by walking on my mother's treadmill while singing w-inds. songs at the top of my lungs, which is, by the way, how I feel every single person in the world should work out. I only realized too late that the window immediately near the treadmill was open, so all of my city (possibly quite literally, due to its minuscule size) was treated to my extremely sexy gaspings out of SOMEBODY IS!! CRYING!!! IN THE!!!! SKYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Who's bringing sexy back? I'm pretty sure that's Ri.

I want to get in the habit of working out while I'm still here in the hopes that I can convince myself to go to the gym at least once a week when I'm back at school. I am going to be a ridiculously busy bunny next semester, but that's all cool with me. Academia has become my hobby, so I'm all right with doing nothing but studying all day long. I want to lose some weight, although I'm not really too crazed about it. I know I'll never lose a lot of weight, but I'd like to at lose the few pounds I did gain last semester. More than that, though, I'd just like to get back into some sort of shape, since I've been getting annoyed with how easy it is for me to run out of breath recently.

Exciting stuff.

Despite owning it longer than practically everyone in my f'list, I am furthest behind on Twilight Princess. I'm stuck at a water world, and I hate water levels as a rule. I'm sure this water level would be all great and fine and wonderful and fun, but I'm scared. Instead, I have been indulging in FF3 for my DS, which somehow manages to be both terrible and amazing at the same time. I just can't believe the authors wrote in lines of dialog like "oh, we'd stay, but we were chosen to be the warriors of light, so we gotta go" and expect me to believe it. Then again, the characters are young, and I guess you'd really take yourself seriously as a Warrior of Light if you were thirteen. I know I did.

(Based just on their character designs, I really want Lunith and Arc -- Arc, baby! -- to have a slashariffic ol' time, but I know it's gonna come down to Lunith and the girl. Lately I've been more into het than slash so that should be all right with me, but Arc is so cute I can't help it. Based on his design alone, he may be my perfect man besides Wentz.)

I recently realized that I am an infinitely boring person ("you're just away from your friends," my mom says in response), but I am going to be becoming EVEN MORE BORING as very soon AMERICAN IDOL SEASON SIX begins! Please let there be somebody on there that I absolutely love or can grow to love. Also beginning is I Love New York, and I will admit proudly that I plan on watching every mind numbingly stupid episode. I've been watching VH1's dumb Top Model marathon the past few days, and they keep splitting in with this five minute long preview of I♥NY, and it looks so amazingly bad. What's with that blond-haired dude? Personality minus ten thousand, aight.

I watched most of Eliot Spitzer's State of the State address last night, and there were parts of it that made me have a genuine mancrush on him. I really appreciate how forward-thinking he is, and his campaign reforms sound amazing to me. I actually interviewed him once forever ago, and while most politicians (especially most New York politicians) are as corrupt and morally bankrupt as can be, I really think he's one of the few guys who actually is willing to work at a loss if it's for the public good. Go Eliot! Don't let Kat McPhee beat you two weeks to the finale!

And now I have the hiccups and feel prepared for taking a shower, so let me do that.


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