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Yesterday I went to Tokyo, saw MTV LIVE, took the night bus back... and I have to get ready to work in ten minutes. I'm so tired! FML XD

Just so I don't forget, setlists:

w-inds.: New World, RE:VISION (!!!), Can't Get Back, Addicted to Love (♥)

BIGBANG: GARAGARA GO, Number One, Tell Me Goodbye, How Gee, HANDS UP, Koe wo Kikasete, My Heaven... I think that's all. x.x;;

I don't know enough about Jay'ed or VANNESS to have their setlists. XD

But goddamn, I love BIGBANG, but... w-inds.! My boys! I really love them so much. I hit for good seats, so we were row 14, on the left side, right on the aisle, so when the boys came and danced on the left stage, we were right there, and asjddjsada I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I SPENT THE WHOLE TIME FLAILING IN VARIOUS STATES OF 'ABOUT TO CRY OMG'. AHHHHHH.

I never use LJ anymore, sorry about that.
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Ash and I totally met Mio Tachibana today.


(She's actually gorgeous! Who knew?! AND NOT TO MENTION YUTA, OMG... ::SHUTS UP::)
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I met Ryuichi Ogata twice in one week.

Twice in the span of four days.

And by met, I don't mean "was in the same room as him." I mean "had meaningful interactions with him."

This is nuts, and I am so blessed and so, so happy. I am absolutely living my dream life at the moment, and the only one, single solitary thing that could make it better would be if [ profile] onmyownroad was here to share it with me.

Details under the cut! )

Ryuichi is the best. w-inds. is the best. This is the best fandom in the entire world and I don't care what anybody says.


One love. Ahhhhhhghsfdsf I am glad tomorrow is a holiday.

Thank you for wonderful memories, Ryuichi. RYOHEI, KEITA, YOU'RE NEXT.
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I've had the worst luck with everything in the world lately, but today was, honest to God, the best day of my life.

Thank you, Ryuichi. )
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This is the sign I lovingly made and dragged to Kobe with me today. The corner had snapped in by a sudden wind; foam boards don't hold up well against aggressive elements. It simply reads "please give me a w-inds. ticket." This is the standard phrased used in Desperate Ticking Begging maneuvers here in Japan; the top mentions that I'm only searching for one (many people try to hunt out pair tickets) and the bottom declares, to any frightened Japanese, that their native tongue is fine by me. Don't fear the gaijin. Give her your tickets.

I left Daikokucho at around 11:00. I got to Sannomiya, Kobe at 11:45, wandered around lost for a couple of minutes before finding the Kobe International House -- that day's chosen venue. I found where the main entrance to the hall was. I stood by the escalators, sign in hand, entirely aware of how much of a tool I looked like but not really caring.

1:00 came and left. No luck. Nobody even came to talk to me. 2:00. A few people had asked if I needed tickets for OSAKA, but no, I already have two of those, I just needed Kobe. 3:00 started creeping up and I made the decision.

I declared the mission a failure. )


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